About Alix Art Studios: 

This store filled with creative, hand-drawn art printed onto designed items, and is run by independent artist Alixandra Mullins Poling. When you shop here you are supporting an artist mama's dream to create art which reaches people, inspires & brings joy!  Your purchase helps keep my artist dreams alive. :)   Designs which started as an idea or a doodle from my sketchpad which have been translated into leggings, stickers, t-shirts, prints & more.

I spend many hours creating visual drawings, sketches and paintings. What you see in this store is products that I have created from taking my art images & designing them onto different items so that if you get leggings or a sticker, you can know that I am sitting under a tree somewhere painting and drawing into my sketchpad and that creative energy and imagination is now going onto the items that you will see here, in my shopify store, Alix Art Studios.

Thank you for stopping by my online store, I appreciate your time and attention.

When you support an artist, funds from this store go to children's dance lesson, gymnastics, art and piano lessons & help to support a creative family. Thank you!  Some of my art has been published worldwide on Greeting Cards & Puzzles too! 

Here's my Art Show Tent.  (I don't make it out to so many shows anymore, which is why I have set up this store!)