This artwork is created as a process of a human visual artist.

Photographic Work

As an artist, I couldn't decide between painting and photography. Alot of of my work started inside of a Nikon Camera, but then I began to edit it by using digital paintbrushes to gain great control over the colors where I can mix them together. I also began to cut up my various photographs and collage them into new images. This was fun for a very long time and I created a large body of photographic illustrations which are essentially collages of my photography

Illustration Work

I have always been someone drawing and sketching since I was a small child. I started another artistic creative process which involved simple drawing by hand with colored pencils. I then scan in my drawings so that I can use digital painting techniques with a richness of color as well as add in photographic texturing using programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter.